About Hallman Originals


Hallman Originals™ Cast Iron Cookware – Made in America, Best in the World

Food really does taste great in a cast iron skillet – and even better in a skillet from Hallman Originals™.

Our all-new line of high quality cast iron cookware includes a variety of sizes for every use at home and when camping (or both). You’ll notice the difference right away when cooking with Hallman Originals™ cast iron. Hallman Originals™ make great gifts, too, and can be engraved and personalized.

Most important of all, food cooked on Hallman Originals™ cast iron is delicious. From sautéing, baking and frying – take it right from the oven (or the campfire) to the table!

Think of your Hallman Originals™ cast iron skillet as one of your main ingredients for all your favorite dishes!

What is the Hallman Originals™ Difference?

All cast iron cookware is not alike. Here’s the Hallman Originals™ difference:

What we bring is a unique combination of tradition and technology. At our foundry in Sanford, N.C., our craftsmen have poured top-notch iron castings since 1935. We’re a classic American manufacturing success story. What keeps our products popular is the state-of-the-art quality. Every generation of our employees is trained on the newest iron foundry practices and retains the craftsmanship that began more than 80 years ago.

The result – the all-new, completely unique line of Hallman Originals™ cast iron cookware that forge tradition with technology.

Why Hallman Originals™ Cast Iron Cookware Is Better Than Nonstick Pans

If you’re concerned about harmful chemicals that are sometimes used in nonstick pans, then Hallman Originals™ Cast Iron Cookware is your reassuring solution. When you use our cast-iron seasoning method, the oils you cook with will keep the cookware ready to go. With Hallman Originals™, you’ll have a natural nonstick coating that helps preserve the cookware while preparing food that bursts with flavor.

The BIG bonus – there’s no weird, synthetic coating that can flake off into your food.  Even ceramic coating gets chipped and scratched. Make the choice that’s both safe and savory – Hallman Originals™ Cast Iron Cookware.

We understand what’s important in cast iron cooking and our research and development have led us to create the ideal line of cookware with every aspect carefully considered: weight, surface texture, the design of the main handle and the “helper” handle (on the other side of the pan) – even the details of the pour spouts.

We offer many designs of Hallman Originals™ Cast Iron Cookware that are sure to meet your needs.

Personalized Cast Iron Skillets – Great Gifts

We have been casting iron for over 82 years. Our expert, proven tooling capabilities enable us to customize skillets with your choice of names (nicknames, too!), special dates, logos and other unique touches. Contact us for details, questions and requests.

Ideas for personalized cast iron skillets:



Camping Reunions





We can even add your logo to make special workplace gifts to commemorate employee accomplishments, anniversaries, picnics, awards and other events. It’s a gift that demonstrates quality and durability that can be passed down for generations!

Cast Iron Cookware for Camping

Your camping cookware is just as important as your other gear. American-made Hallman Originals™ Cast Iron Cookware comes in many designs. That gives you more choices so you can select a pan that fits in your pack.

Our cast iron cookware disperses heat evenly, keeping food hot longer, and allow you to enjoy leisure meals by the campfire.

Best Cast Iron Cookware

What makes Hallman Original the best cast iron? It’s our quality – proven by experience that began in 1935 and continues to today.

It’s cookware you can count on for tomorrow’s breakfast… and for breakfast cooked by your grandchildren in generations to come.