Make Hallman Originals your own

Personalize our cookware to fit your needs.

Here at Hallman Originals, we want to provide you more than just cookware. We want to give you a family heirloom that will last multiple generations. What better way to enhance the memories than to personalize our cookware for you or the special gift for a co-worker or loved one. Whether it is as simple as a memorial text, like the picture shown, for a family reunion or a company logo for a holiday handout, we can customize our cookware to your liking. Fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your project.


Setup fee -$125 - We have a one time setup fee for the engineering and programming of the logo and custom text. This fee applies to any quantity of cookware. The cost is the same whether you buy one skillet or 100 skillets. We will also hold your information for future orders. If you order with us again, this setup fee will not be required.

Per Pan cost - $10 - This cost covers the engraving itself. Just add $10 to the base cost of your cookware.

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A quick description of what you would like to be on your pan