Classic Cast Iron Recipes

Welcome back to our Hallman Originals Recipes section. Here you will find our favorite classic meals for your Hallman Originals cookware. You will aslo find our past Seasonal Spotlight meals. Browse below nad find that perfect meal for any occasion.

Seasonal Spotlight - Fall 2018

Seasonal Spotlight - Fall 2018

Alsatian Chicken

This recipe comes from the Alsace Lorraine region of France near the German border. Because of the origin location, this dish combines elements from both classic French and German cooking styles. The earthiness of the mushrooms and creamy sauce make this a perfect dish for any season.


Cast Iron Cookie

A different take on the classic chocolate chip cookie. Bake and serve right in your Hallman Originals Calls iron skillet.

Seasonal Spotlight - Winter 2019

Seasonal Spotlight - Winter 2019

Pepperoni - Ricotta Cheese Pizza

The best thing about pizza is the unlimited variety of styles you can enjoy. The recipe we have for you is just one of millions of combinations you can create on your own. Our pizza boasts a sweet dough to accent the cheesy sauce and spice and saltiness of the pepperoni.


Classic Pancakes

Look no further for your solution to your daybreak dilemma. An inexpensive and easy to make recipe is right here. Not breakfast time? These cakes are a winner for brinner!


Cast Iron Brownies

Brownies are a quick and easy recipe that is suitable for any kind of get together. Whether it is a baked goods sale or your local hunting club, brownies are always a hit.